Real Estate Roundup: Pacific Union’s August Napa 2017 Real Estate Update

The Moore Group September 20, 2017


Pacific Union’s August 2017 Napa Real Estate Update

Supply conditions remained tight across the Bay Area in August, with only Marin County seeing a slight inventory improvement from July. Get all the latest market statistics in Pacific Union’s August Real Estate Update. You’ll find it exclusively at

Bay Area Buyers Make the Nation’s Largest Down Payments

To successfully close a sale, Bay Area homebuyers are putting down much larger down payments than the national average, and a substantial number are leveraging co-borrowers to help them qualify for the mortgage. Read more at

Oakland Remains America’s Most Difficult Home-Flipping Market

Expensive prices and hefty remodeling costs once again place the Bay Area’s three largest cities among the toughest real estate markets in the U.S. for flipping homes. Details are at

U.S. Foreclosure Rate Falls to 10-Year Low

Home price appreciation and a thriving job market have pushed down foreclosures and mortgage delinquencies across the country, with California and the Bay Area posting lower numbers than the national average. Read more at

Real Estate Roundup: Bay Area Workers Are America’s Happiest

Bay Area employees are the nation’s happiest, thanks in part to high salaries, while a Contra Costa County city proposes to bring even more jobs to the region as’s new home. Get these and other local headlines of interest in our weekly Real Estate Roundup. It’s online at

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